Pruning Fuchsias

Fuchsias are plants with beautiful hanging flowers that are available in a variety of colors. They look great when planted in the ground or from a hanging planter. I bought my hanging fuchsias from Home Depot late last summer.

The last flowers fell near the end of the year. I noticed the plant was still growing leaves but not flowers. I thought about throwing the plant out and starting new since the flowers are the reason I bought the plant, but figured that was not the answer. After I did some research I discovered that by pruning my plant I could encourage new flowers to grow back in and save money!

Today I am going to talk about pruning fuchsias. One way to budget while gardening is pruning plants to enjoy over and over again. As I stated above, I almost threw mine out, but did not since I can save money by pruning. The only tools you will need are pruning shears and possibly garden gloves. I was able to find my shears at Ross for a discounted price. Sheers can be found at a variety of other stores too.

There are several ways to prune fuchsias. Cut the branches back by at least a third . You can prune even further and cut the plant back near the soil. It is also a good idea to cut branches that criss-cross to avoid getting them tangled up. This will also keep the plant from looking messy and give it a cleaner appearance.

Cutting back dead and unhealthy parts periodically will also keep your plant looking nice. Pruning can also give the plant a new or updated shape. You also want to do this early in the year, around springtime, so that you can enjoy new fuchsias for as long as possible.

Pinching off buds and flowers can also bring in new growth. This will help the plant produce more branches and flowers. Make sure the plant is growing green wood. This is where the new flowers will appear.

Dead flowers should also be pinched off to help the plant continue to grow new flowers. This should be done during the flowering season of the fuchsia.

Also, make sure your fuchsias are getting enough sun. I keep mine partially shaded due to the warm area of the country I live in.  If you live in a cooler area the fuchsias will need more sun. If you are not sure, check the plant climate zone map in your area.

Another way to help your fuchsias thrive is to use soil with good drainage. If you have your plant in a pot like me, make sure the pot has holes in the bottom for the remaining water to drain from. If there is no drainage the plant may rot from sitting in water.

Fertilize the fuchsia plant periodically, about once every month or so, to encourage new flowers to grow. I use fertilizer sticks that dissolve in water that I was able to purchase from the local dollar store. Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes for Flowering Plants are a popular choice. These are pretty inexpensive in other garden stores as well.

I waited a little late to prune mine, but as you can see, new fuchsias are growing in nicely. There are even several buds forming all over the plant, so hopefully I will have a bunch of fuchsias growing in soon. I will check every few days to see if I need to cut back some more branches.

Happy pruning everyone!


4 Replies to “Pruning Fuchsias”

  1. Hi,
    I have planted fuchsias in my hanging baskets for the last few years, and each year have had to replace them as they had died off. I have been cutting them back quite close to the soil so maybe this was too much.
    Are they dying because I am pruning too far down or is it just bad luck?



    1. Hi Dean! I’m sorry to hear that your fuchsias keep dying. You might want to try pruning them sparingly next time and see what happens. As you can see by my second picture, I did not prune too far back and my fuchsias are doing fine. I hope this helps!


  2. Thanks for this! I am new to gardening but I have learned so much from this site! Fuschias are so beautiful! Is there a percentage of the plant I don’t want to cut back to? For instance “don’t cut back more than 60% of the plant when trimming branches at the soil level”. Thanks!


    1. Hello Laura and thank you for stopping by! I’ve heard that fuchsias can be cut pretty far back. I’m still doing research on this for my own fuchsias. The shortest I have read is that that can be cut back 6 inches from the soil. I’ll need to read up more about this since that number varies. Glad you learned something!


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